Quality Control

Functions of SIHO

Research into iron metabolism
Practical application of research results
Education / Training
Quality management / Quality control

The medical association Swiss Iron Health Organisation SIHO was founded in 2007 and is dedicated to research into iron deficiency and the practical application of this research. It is also responsible for education, training and quality control.

The underlying quality criteria of the SIHO (EVK criteria) are clearly defined and fulfill the requirements of swissHTR:

Success rates
Tolerance / side effects
Cost efficiency

The latest data was published in May 2014 in Eurofer-IV.

The Swiss health system has also defined it’s own WZW criteria:

– Wirksamkeit (effectiveness)
– Zweckmässigkeit (appropriateness)
– Wirtschaftlichkeit(economic viability)

The Swiss WZW criteria can be clearly derived from the EVK data of the SIHO. SIS iron treatments are effective, appropriate, and economically viable.