Clinical study confirms positive results since 2005

According to the World Health Organisation WHO, around four billion people have an iron deficiency. Although not taught in medical studies, there is an early stage of iron deficiency in which symptoms such as listlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating (including ADS), depressive mood, sleep disorders, dizziness, neck tension, headaches or hair loss may occur.

This early stage of iron deficiency syndrome was first described in 1957 at the Innsbruck University Medical Center, confirmed in 1971 by the Charité University Hospital in Berlin, and has been rediscovered in Switzerland following a thirty-year cold period.

In Switzerland, patients with an iron deficiency syndrome (88% of all Swiss iron deficiency patients) are the first in the world to be diagnosed as “iron deficient” and successfully treated with iron infusions.

Swiss iron deficiency patients also have the benefit that, in contrast to other countries such as Germany, their health insurance companies reimburse these necessary therapies.

The results of a general practitioner’s survey performed over fifteen years show significant findings.

In the leading iron clinics working under the supervision of the SIHO experts, 65% of affected patients are sustainable healthy, while 21% report at least some benefit. Only one in seven patients reports no change in their symptoms.

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